SaveTabs Safari Extension

I seem to be getting some kind of Safari Extension development bug. This extension fills a gaping hole in Safari’s functionality—it saves all open tabs in the current browser window and allows you to reopen them whenever you want, even across restarts of the browser.

This is a really inelegant solution but the APIs open to extensions are pretty limited at the minute.

Clicking the save icon will save all tabs you have open:

You can then restart the browser or do whatever you want, your session will be saved.

To reload the tabs saved, click the load button (this will only be enabled after you’ve done something off tab after a save i.e opened a new tab or navigated to a different one):

Please note that a new save will overwrite previous ones and it is currently only limited to one browser window (but I’m working on that one).

Download version 0.1

As always, you can find me on Twitter if you need any help or come across any bugs.