Send to Tweetie 0.4 and Send to LittleSnapper 0.3

Thanks ever so much to everyone that’s downloaded the extensions, I’m glad to hear that so many people are enjoying using them. After a few suggestions and bug reports there are now new versions of both extensions.

Send to Tweetie
  • Bug which resulted in an empty Tweet - not fixed but temporarily resolved by removing the title from the tweet. This will be back soon and enhanced with tweet layout customisation.
  • New toolbar icon.
  • Added plugin icon.

Download version 0.4

Send to LittleSnapper

Download version 0.3

I’m having some problems with Safari’s automatic updating but this should be working again soon, keep clicking that update button!

Thanks again to everyone. Don’t forget to tweet me if you need any help.


Two New Safari Extensions: Send to Tweetie and Send to LittleSnapper

With the release of Safari 5 we gained the ability to build extensions (something that’s been missing from the browser for a long time) so I had a play around.

I’ve created two very small extensions: Send to Tweetie and Send to LittleSnapper.

As these extensions both tie in with Mac applications, they are too Mac only.

Send to Tweetie

Send to Tweetie will - as the name states - send the current URL of the page you’re viewing to Tweetie along with the page title for quick and easy tweeting (you could also use ⌥-⌘-S to quickly shorten that link once it’s in Tweetie)

The shortcut icon:

Send to Tweetie shortcut icon

The output produced in Tweetie:

Send to Tweetie output produced

Download version 0.3 (mirror)

Send to LittleSnapper

Send to LittleSnapper does pretty much exactly the same. It creates a new snap in your LittleSnapper library - it’s for those people that don’t use the LittleSnapper menu icon and aren’t a fan of keyboard shortcuts (you can use ⌥-⌘-1 to snap the current web address from the frontmost browser).

The shortcut icon:

Send to LittleSnapper shortcut icon

The snap in LittleSnapper:

Send to LittleSnapper snap

Download version 0.2 (mirror)

Help & misc

If you need any help with the extensions, feel free to drop me a tweet.

I will be working on improving the icons over the next few weeks as they are currently a little unclear.


  • Send to Tweetie has a problem with some page titles. I’ve removed the page titles while I work on a solution. Thanks to @iLaurent for bringing it to my attention.