The Entitifier is a little tool that will convert any characters in text or HTML pasted to the correct HTML entities. It’s great for ridding documents clients have sent you of those horrible Microsoft Word quotes (and will even replace the relevant characters with the correct typographic entities).

There a couple of issues so if you have any Ruby knowledge, I’d welcome any help on github.


Coming up on An Innovative Web this summer

Just to whet your appetite slightly, here’s what’s coming up on An Innovative Web this summer.

The website is going to become completely self-hosted and rebuilt from the ground up including loads of great new features.

We’re going to conduct UX and UI case studies on large websites and help you give your visitors the best user experience.

A series on web design basics with a completely customisable experience. You will be able to learn at your own pace and via the method that suits you best, all for free.

We’re also delighted to announce our Summer of Experimentation where we’re going to push the limits of what HTML5 and CSS3 can do. Pure CSS 3D text is just an example of the experimentations that will be popping up on a regular basis.

So plug the feed in to your newreader and get innovative!